NSSC is working in below mention field since last twenty years. Activities performed under different fields are as given below:

A. Income generation program

NSSC is engaged in implementing income generation activities through different programs. Different Community Organizations (CO) comprising deprived and Dalits are encouraged to perform micro enterprise as per their demand by providing seed money. Such activities area carried in assistance of Poverty Alleviation Fund and Rural water supply Fund Board. Different micro enterprise carried out in these activities are; Agricultural Production Agri-Business, Livestock Farming, Animal Business, Grocery Shops, Cottage Industries and Service Business NSSC had worked in the sector of micro finance in seven district of central and eastern region with 21629 members and total loan and saving amount NRs. 154.17 and 58.09 million respectively. This micro finance program of NSSC has been handed over to CLBBL on 20th Dec 2007.

B. Education

Development programs can be implemented more effectively and smoothly once the society is well educated. For this purpose, NSSC has been operating adult education programs and non-formal education classes for the children in the Siraha, Ilam and Jhapa districts with the financial support of PAF and RWSSFDB.NSSC (investment 90%) in association with CLBBL (investment 10%) has established Chhimek Academy in Simara of Bara district to give quality education to children of deprived families.

C. Training, Workshop and Studies

NSSC is also involved in carrying out socio-economic studies, conducting social inter-mediation activities; skill and capacity building training for the community based organizations (CBOs). Also, it has organized seminar and workshops relating to women empowerment and micro-credit programs.

D. Water, Sanitation and irrigation development Program through community mobilization

In infrastructure development programs, NSSC is involved in design and construction of water supply, school building, river training projects etc. All the water supply schemes are being implemented (constructed) through community mobilization. Nearly 20% to 25% of the project cost is contributed by community (in terms of cash or kind). NSSC is involved in community mobilization since beginning of the project. Making aware to beneficiaries on safe drinking water, formation of water user's group, collection of fund and mobilizing community in construction activities are some of the important activities conducted by the NGO during the span of the project.

E. Awareness, Counseling and Advocacy

Awareness programs related to health and sanitation, child rights and education are conducted regularly with the aim of bringing about positive changes in the society. It also organized fair-festivals to keep the marginalized cultural and ritual practices of different ethnic communities alive thereby help promote cultural tourism in the country. NSSC is also engaged in guiding the people for finding various economic and social avenues within the periphery through providing counseling services.

F. Poverty alleviation program

The NGO is performing the infrastructure development works such as design and Implementation of road, river training works, micro-hydro development, small bridge and culverts for the poverty alleviation programs. Besides infrastructure development activities, another part of the program is income generation activities. Different community organizations are formed from Dalit and poor community and they are provided loan as per their demand activities such as cattle farming, agriculture farming, micro-business etc.

G. Social development program

NSSC in collaboration with CLBBL is engaged in social development activities in bank's coverage districts. The program mainly focuses in uplifting livelihood of poor and deprived family through market linkage of client's product, health and education.

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